Babes in Soyland

Hold on to Your Spurs and Lip Gloss! You’re about to Reach an Organic Climax–California Style!

Melody, Hill Country Texan and Lutheran nice girl, unexpectedly loses her job, her fiance, and a close girlfriend in a matter of weeks. Desperate for a change of scenery, Mel visits her best friend, Char, a Bay Area acupuncturist, who needles her into exploring a host of zany New Age phenomena. Mel marshals her Texas spirit and charm-school training to politely misunderstand her way through a variety of encounters. She plunges into dates with an aura-reading masseur and a lecherous astrologer, lets go in a Releasing Ritual with nature spirits (yeah right!), boldly walks in on nudists, and relaxes with a salt-scrub sweat at the hands of a sexy chiropractor.

Meanwhile, Mel’s mother does her best to rescue Mel from the clasp of Soyland, plant her in the front of the church altar with a good ol’ Texas boy, and get the grandchildren a-coming.

Intent to follow her own path while placating her mother, Mel continues to let Char expose her to new experiences, each one nudging Mel along to greater self-acceptance, ultimately inspiring her to risk falling in love again.

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