Beyond Redemption - Book Cover

Beyond Redemption

From the author of this heartrending, soul-baring message: “I have had so many issues with Life itself and within my relationship with the Body of Christ that I know there are folks out there who are hurting just as badly…

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Joshua Project Book Cover

The Joshua Project: Three Overlooked Biblical Strategies for Parents and Grandparents to Strengthen Their Family’s Faith

How can you impact your children–and their children–more effectively for Christ? Research shows that traditional methods of instilling faith in God are no longer effective in today’s culture. Many high school graduates are leaving the faith and being swept into…

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Fresh Courage In Retirement - Book Cover

Fresh Courage In Retirement – Finding Purpose, Essence and Fulfillment

Behavioral scientist and life coach Sharon Rolph uncovers these and other joyful benefits for Baby Boomers reaching an age where their ancestors may have settled into lethargy and boredom. As Rolph points out, there are so many ways to transform…

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She's My Brother, And I Miss Him - Book Cover

She’s My Brother: And I Miss Him

In this honest, heartrending account by a loving sister, family secrets, social taboos, and self-acceptance all come into play. From the age of four, Gene harbored a secret desire to wear his sister’s clothes—not the wardrobe he was expected to…

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Get Serious - Book Cover

Get Serious

Confused by all of the health and fitness information out there? Who isn’t? From nutrition and supplements to strength training, Dr. Osborn cuts through the nonsense with his logical approach. A board-certified Neurosurgeon with a secondary certification in Anti-Aging and…

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Hugh OBrian - book cover

Hugh O’Brian, Or What’s Left of Him

In this lively memoir of one of TV and filmdom’s most memorable actors, readers are taken on a sixty-plus-year journey that continues to this day. Hugh O’Brian’s style of self-discipline, enterprise, and tenacity, learned from his Marine Corps dad, carried…

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Figure to Field: The Art of Jacqueline Barnett

Figure to Field: The Art of Jacqueline Barnett is a crucial addition to the literature of modernism in America and the Pacific Northwest. Jacqueline Barnett (b. 1934) was born in New York in the middle of the New York School…

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Special Occasion Memories - Book Cover

Special Occasion Memories: A Written Legacy

A fantastic gift idea to record special memories. In the hardbound book, you can fill in details for ten separate events … perhaps a reunion, housewarming, graduation, religious ceremony, recital, showers, holidays … you name it. There’s even space for…

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Locked Out In The Snow

Locked Out in the Snow

For anyone who remembers cold, snowy winters, and especially for children who may have never seen snow, or been on a farm, this is a heartwarming story about a little girl’s ingenuity and perseverance, in a time before cell phones.…

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Josie & the Mystery Room By Florence Petheram

Josie & The Mystery Room

When Josie, a thirteen-year-old foster girl entered a new foster home and was shown her downstairs bedroom, she was told to never enter a nearby room.  That made her curious, and she promised herself to one day find out what…

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Tall Tales of the Wild West: A Humorous Collection of Cowboy Poems and Songs

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Making the Jump into Small Business Ownership

Making the Jump into Small Business Ownership will provide the information, encouragement, and insight you need to go from dream to reality. As successful businessmen who have helped thousands of individuals begin small businesses, authors Jeff Levy and David Nilssen…

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My Tooth Fell in My Soup and other poems

My Tooth Fell in My Soup is a charming book written by Erik Korhel. It contains 21 lovely poems and 26 full color illustrations about childhood, first love, falling teeth, picking teams, breathing fire and much more! The poems in…

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The Kid with the Red Juice Mustache and other nostalgic companions

Following the success of his first book of children’s poems, ‘My Tooth Fell in my Soup’, Erik Korhel’s new book, ‘The Kid with the Red Juice Mustache’ adds a great deal more humor and fun!

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They Say I Am Obnoxious

You know hilarity is about to ensue when a children’s picture book opens with, “They say I am obnoxious…” How much mischief can one kid cause? I guess you’ll just have to read to find out!

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