Destined to Be a Hamilton: True Life Stories of Mary Anne Hamilton, Great-Great Granddaughter-in-Law of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton

Mary Anne Clark is a 31-year-old struggling waitress and soon-to-be-divorced mother of five. She serves 65-year-old Laurens Morgan Hamilton, heir to J. P. Morgan and Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. He returns the next day—her day off—to announce he’s going to…

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Temporal Intelligence (TQ): for Leadership and Organizational Development

TEMPORAL INTELLIGENCE (TQ) – EXPLORING A NEW CONCEPT IN ORGANIZING OUR THOUGHTS AND PROCESSES Washington, D.C. and Seattle, WA: TEMPORAL INTELLIGENCE (TQ) for Leadership and Organizational Development, by business consultants Dr. Flynn Bucy and Dr. Rich Doherty, goes beyond the…

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He Rescues, Too: Healing Through Brokenness

In this one-of-a-kind workbook, author Christine Louise takes readers on an intricate, emotional journey written in the third person that reveals her own struggle with abuse, alcoholism, and hopelessness. Years of slips, binges, and relapse seemed to spell never-ending doom…

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A Reluctant Santa

A story about Christmas and beyond. A seeming chance encounter with ancient brass bells inscribed with the Latin “Gaudium Dei,” prime a listless, disillusioned Joe for God’s Joy. He comes reluctantly, for it will cost him everything. But in the…

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Playground Patrol

When the children return to their classrooms from playing outside at recess, Carrie and the others swoop in to clean up any food littering the playground. The crows gather in a roost tree and get to know other crow families.…

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Trapped in America

Praise for the author from Tomislav Zorić, Pastor of Novi savez church, Zagreb, Croatia “I do not know if I have ever met a believer who, although much older, much wiser and much more knowledgeable in matters of the Kingdom…

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Apocrypha: The Art of Dennis Evans

APOCRYPHA: THE ART OF DENNIS EVANS explores the myriad artistic accomplishments of celebrated Seattle-based artist DENNIS EVANS with extensive discussions of his origins as a chemistry student, ceramics enthusiast, performance artist, and sculptor, continuing with his forays into installation art,…

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The Game: Winning by Virtue One Move at A Time

In her book The Game, love and relationship expert, Princess Merrilee simplifies the complexity of love by using logic and reason to play a game where human behavior is divided by rules and pieces to help the player identify where…

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Beyond Redemption - Book Cover

Beyond Redemption

From the author of this heartrending, soul-baring message: “I have had so many issues with Life itself and within my relationship with the Body of Christ that I know there are folks out there who are hurting just as badly…

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Joshua Project Book Cover

The Joshua Project: Three Overlooked Biblical Strategies for Parents and Grandparents to Strengthen Their Family’s Faith

How can you impact your children–and their children–more effectively for Christ? Research shows that traditional methods of instilling faith in God are no longer effective in today’s culture. Many high school graduates are leaving the faith and being swept into…

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Fresh Courage In Retirement - Book Cover

Fresh Courage In Retirement – Finding Purpose, Essence and Fulfillment

Behavioral scientist and life coach Sharon Rolph uncovers these and other joyful benefits for Baby Boomers reaching an age where their ancestors may have settled into lethargy and boredom. As Rolph points out, there are so many ways to transform…

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She's My Brother, And I Miss Him - Book Cover

She’s My Brother: And I Miss Him

In this honest, heartrending account by a loving sister, family secrets, social taboos, and self-acceptance all come into play. From the age of four, Gene harbored a secret desire to wear his sister’s clothes—not the wardrobe he was expected to…

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Get Serious - Book Cover

Get Serious

Confused by all of the health and fitness information out there? Who isn’t? From nutrition and supplements to strength training, Dr. Osborn cuts through the nonsense with his logical approach. A board-certified Neurosurgeon with a secondary certification in Anti-Aging and…

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Hugh OBrian - book cover

Hugh O’Brian, Or What’s Left of Him

In this lively memoir of one of TV and filmdom’s most memorable actors, readers are taken on a sixty-plus-year journey that continues to this day. Hugh O’Brian’s style of self-discipline, enterprise, and tenacity, learned from his Marine Corps dad, carried…

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Figure to Field: The Art of Jacqueline Barnett

Figure to Field: The Art of Jacqueline Barnett is a crucial addition to the literature of modernism in America and the Pacific Northwest. Jacqueline Barnett (b. 1934) was born in New York in the middle of the New York School…

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