Destined to Be a Hamilton: True Life Stories of Mary Anne Hamilton, Great-Great Granddaughter-in-Law of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton

Mary Anne Clark is a 31-year-old struggling waitress and soon-to-be-divorced mother of five. She serves 65-year-old Laurens Morgan Hamilton, heir to J. P. Morgan and Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. He returns the next day—her day off—to announce he’s going to marry her. When informed by her patrons, Mary Anne is appalled. She tries to dissuade him, but Laurens is undeterred. He courts her and her five children, showering them with lavish gifts and extravagant trips. But are his intentions honorable? Enjoy this entertaining and inspiring true story, offering surprises and challenges, elation and sorrows, and historical impacts. Appreciate over 70 photos, most in color, posted adjacent to their related stories. Marvel at the 90 facts—many previously unknown—about Alexander Hamilton’s amazing life and contributions to our great nation. Discover how an unprecedented global phenomenon—when Mary Anne is in her 80s—creates an unexpected purpose for life.

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