Temporal Intelligence (TQ): for Leadership and Organizational Development

TEMPORAL INTELLIGENCE (TQ) – EXPLORING A NEW CONCEPT IN ORGANIZING OUR THOUGHTS AND PROCESSES Washington, D.C. and Seattle, WA: TEMPORAL INTELLIGENCE (TQ) for Leadership and Organizational Development, by business consultants Dr. Flynn Bucy and Dr. Rich Doherty, goes beyond the popular EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and measurable IQ (Intelligence Quotient) to demonstrate the importance of recognizing and analyzing our use of time in our daily lives. This initial volume focuses on corporate structure, recognizing the decades of research by the renowned Canadian psychoanalyst Elliott Jaques, who studied and documented how time is a critical element to high-performance leaders and organizations. Both Dr. Bucy and Dr. Doherty have successfully guided corporate leaders for decades and case studies here give clear examples of how analysis of time frames – covering, in depth, intention, expectations, capacity, complexity — has brought new understanding and ultimate success in completion of projects. Discovering, refining, and leveraging one’s temporal intelligence is an essential asset that applies in a wide variety of situations. This book is a treasure trove of unique, practical, and valuable concepts about time and our multiple, but perhaps not considered, temporal skills that can be assessed, coordinated and improved. Self-awareness of one’s own time frames, awareness of others’ time frames, and the ability to sync with the time frames of others, are explained with great clarity and useful direction. TQ concepts are used to acknowledge and face common challenges in time frames, then offering leaders a roadmap for personal and professional development.

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Temporal Intelligence for Leadership and Organizational Development Book Cover