Josie & The Mystery Room

When Josie, a thirteen-year-old foster girl entered a new foster home and was shown her downstairs bedroom, she was told to never enter a nearby room.  That made her curious, and she promised herself to one day find out what was inside. In a few days, she got a younger foster-girl roommate, made a strong emotional relationship with the twin boys next door, and experienced a fearful encounter on a school bus. Never did she forget her promise, especially when the mystery room got a new locked door.
One day her foster father unexpectedly invited her into the mystery room. She was both excited and a little fearful as she accepted his offer. Fortunately, a text from one of the twins next door delayed her decision. But the second invitation she got to enter the room, she couldn’t get out of, and it changed her life forever.

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Josie & the Mystery Room By Florence Petheram