Love God Hate Church: Moving Past the “Dos and Don’ts”

“My name’s Mike Moore. I love God. I can’t stand religion. Of course I don’t literally hate the church, the Body of Christ, but like you I’m sick of seeing ‘church’ used in ways that hurt people and keep us from experiencing God’s true heart. God’s not interested in driving us by guilt, fear, or “do this and don’t do that.” He’s a God of unconditional love, mercy, and freedom–the kind of freedom that can radically transform our lives.” –Mike

Mike Moore’s debut book is shockingly honest and brutally refreshing. Love God Hate Church is a way to jumpstart your faith and revolutionize your heart. In bite-sized stories that are plainspoken, raw, relatable, and often hilarious, Mike shares the true nature of God. Mike’s message doesn’t spoon-feed you “dos and don’ts.” He wants you to know the love of God and how it changes everything.

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