The Friend Ship Friendesha: Book 2

Kiley loves spending time with her Granpa Gus. But these days he seems more interested in the strange machine he’s built to send messages into outer space. One day, while Grandpa Gus is dozing, Kiley beams out her own message. To her surprise, it is answered by the Friendeshans–the most pozzi-powered beings in the galaxy. And they’re on their way to earth!

There’s only one problem: the nasty Oily Spoilies seem to have gotten here first and they’re making everybody grouchy and mean. Their mission is do to this throughout the galaxy!

In Book 2 of this inspiring series, we discover the power of friendship and the gold mine of positive energy that’s hiding inside all of us. There have been many characters created to help children understand why these two forces exist. The Friendeshans and Oily Spoilies are the new beings from outer space visiting Earth. We hope you enjoy their on-going stories.

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